Harvest Academy

A Therapeutic Community Located in Central Iowa

Who We Are

We are a completely free two-year minimum life skills program. We give people the community they need to learn new attitudes, behaviors, and values.

What We Do

Harvest Academy uses structure, discipline, and integrity to instill core values that cement the foundation for a life of success. We utilize an "each one, teach one" philosophy where our core values and standards are taught by staff and veteran students' first-hand experience in recovery. The best people to help the journey of recovery are those who have gone, or are currently going through the same challenges as their peers.

Who We Help

We bring in those who have hit rock bottom. Those who are willing to commit a minimum of two years to embrace whole-person change. Those who are courageous enough to do something different by doing things for someone other than themselves.

"You Alone Can Do It, But You Can't Do It Alone."

Group of 4 men with Harvest Academy standing outside with clouds and trees in the background

Our 8 Therapeutic Principles

Each one, teach one

When A helps B, A gets better. We grow by helping others.

Keep it simple

Recovery is simple, but not easy. You must take one step at a time.

200% accountability

We are 100% accountable for ourselves, and 100% accountable for our environment.

You alone can do it, but you can't do it alone

Only you can choose to change, but it requires the help of a community.

You get back what you put in

What comes around is what you put out.

Act as if

Act as the person you should be, and that is the person you will become.

Remember where you came from to know where you're going

History repeats itself when it forgets where it came from.

Self-reliance — There's no free lunch

Anything in life worth having is worth working for.

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