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Harvest Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that allows men who have dealt with incarceration, homelessness, and/or substance abuse to change their life, free of charge. This is a 24-month program that offers vocational training, peer mentorship/leadership, education, and transitional services. We are completely self-funded through the efforts of our student-run vocational schools.


We utilize a therapeutic community model which is a group-based approach to long-term anti-social behaviors and drug addiction. Therapeutic communities have existed for over 60 years, and are one of the most researched and effective methods for helping those with long-term addiction and behavioral problems. The unique part about a therapeutic community is that the first-hand experience, in the recovery of our students replaces the need for doctors, counselors, and therapists. There is no one better to teach, mentor, and guide someone on the road to recovery than someone who has already overcome those challenges or is fighting the same struggles.

The participants in the program are called "students" and face some of the most difficult challenges society fails to solve and address - but together as a community, we are able to overcome what most find impossible. We do not spend time talking about addiction philosophy, discussing our past, or preaching book readings. We spend our time DOING. We have a saying, "ACT AS IF." We ACT AS IF we are honest until we become honest. ACT AS IF you are reliable until you become reliable. ACT AS IF you are confident until you become confident.

At Harvest Academy we build a solid foundation of good habits that eventually make us to be the people we are expected to be.

Frequently Asked Questions for Families

Yes. There is no outside communication for at least 90 days. This is to get our students to get the "what" and "why" of Harvest Academy by fully immersing them in our community.

All postal mail is screened by our trained staff; any inappropriate mail will be returned. Students are only allowed to receive mail from parents at the beginning of their stay. Over time, mail to and from both their immediate and extended family members is allowed.

Students are not allowed to receive mail from jails, penitentiaries and/or other treatment programs.

After the blackout period monthly phone calls are permitted to parents only. Over time, depending on behavior and program compliance, phone privileges include immediate and extended family members.

In the event of a family emergency contact Harvest Academy staff.

Students are able to acquire on-site visits with family no earlier than 7 months. No earlier than 14 months, a student may acquire off-site visits as well as the ability to see their children.

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Prospective Students

You must be male of 18 years or older. No prescribed medications are permitted. We do not accept persons on the sex offender list, or arsonists. You must be mentally and physically capable of working in a farm setting and motivated to make a two-year commitment.

Interviewees are invited to apply in person. If you are locally incarcerated, you will need to write a letter requesting an interview. If you are not local, please call to schedule a telephone interview.

Applicants/Students do not need to bring anything with them to Harvest Academy other than picture identification, if available. All clothing, personal hygiene and other necessities are provided. Any clothing/personal items that are brought to the facility will either be donated or thrown away.

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